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The digital revolution has altered the entertainment and research landscape. CDs, cassette tapes, newspapers, television, DVDs, and even printed books are being steamrolled in favour of digital storage formats such as streaming videos, websites, mp3s and ebooks which have no physical form, simply an electronic signature that is transferred between electronic devices. If you're not familiar with ebooks but are interested in reading on your electronic devices or reducing the amount of paper you use to make books, this website can be your guide to choosing a reading device, finding ebooks, choosing ebooks, and publishing ebooks.

Reading an ebook can be a great experience or a massive headache depending on which device you choose to do your reading on. Smart phones, tablets, ereaders, and laptop computers are the most commonly purchased devices for ereading. Before you buy one or the other, you'll need to look at your reading habits, including how long you read for, where you like to read, and what type of content you like to read, as differences in screen size and functionality could limit your options. We can help you choose the right device for your reading style.

Books once arrived on virtually any topic, to be stocked in warehouses and distributed to bookstore shelves. Today, they're uploaded to online bookstores where customers purchase them on computers or directly through their ereaders using their credit card information. Some devices, such as the Kindle, will only allow you to shop in certain stores, while others can even access free online content such as classic novels and library books. We can show you the most popular sites for buying and downloading ebooks on the internet and how to make the most of your book budget.You can also download all your favourite newsletters and magazines and PDFs as e-books and read them on-the-go and at your convenience. Check out this example on the topic of eavestrough and gutters from Frontier, who use their website and a blog to keep their clients informed and connected.

In a bookstore, customers can browse and buy at their leisure. With ebooks, however, things are a little different. You shop online from your home and since an ebook doesn't really exist, you can't access the entire thing like you could flip through a book at the store. You'll have to decide based on sample pages, genre, author, user ratings, reviews, or cover art. Many online bookstores also allow you to create an account and rate books you have read, which helps their algorithms to recommend other books you might like. We've got plenty of tips and tricks for choosing books from the internet.

And finally, since there is substantially less overheard needed to create an ebook, publishing is suddenly an option for many people who were unable or unwilling to publish their book through major houses like Penguin or Houghton Mifflin. If you're interested in publishing your own ebook, we can give you tips on which programs to use, how to market yourself and your ebooks without an agent, and how to prepare a book for publication when you do not have an editor to guide you. Simply click on one of the topics in the bar on the top of the page to get started in your quest to learn all about ebooks.

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